Sludge treatment

Some references

Since 1970, AQUALTER has been operating wastewater facilities in France and around the world. With nine hundred references for around 3,500 units in France, we have built nearly a quarter of French stations with a capacity in excess of 2,000 inhabitants.

Our municipal sites cover up to 360,000 inhabitants.


  • Commissioning : 2007
  • Capacity : 80.000 PE
  • Daily flow rate: 19,500 m³/day


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SEPT SORTS (Seine-et-Marne)

  • Commissioning : 2016
  • Capacity : 24.000 EH (36.000 EH filière boue)
  • Daily flow rate: 4,035 m³/day (dry weather); 5,500m³/day (rain)

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