Aqualter Construction has existed since 1970. The leading French construction company in the water sector independent of the majors, we have built nearly 900 wastewater treatment plant.

A strong principle has guided the design and execution of our offerings from the start: the quest for sustained performance from the processes, for both operator and structural environment alike.

Controlling the different treatment processes

Aqualter has a large portfolio of references and can propose solutions in line with the problems faced by its public or industrial customers for both drinking water and wastewater treatment: membranes, activated sludge, micropollutant treatment, etc.

Using energy-saving processes

Aqualter has several patents, in particular in wastewater treatment plant sludge management.

The Tersolair system involves drying sludge using solar energy, backed up in winter by a heat pump powered by the energy drawn from the effluent treated by the plant. This saves on transporting 3/4 of the initial sludge volume whilst consuming very little electricity.

In Chartres, Aqualter is building the largest plant in France equipped with solar sludge drying glasshouses.

Permanent concern for “zero nuisances”

This concern relates to unpleasant odors, with highly-advanced odor control systems, or else noise nuisance, with soundproofing of the noisiest equipment. Aqualter is also the only manufacturer to bring in an architect systematically when designing medium-sized or small plants.

Choosing lasting quality when implementing facilities and choosing partners

The warranty required by municipal authorities for their facilities rarely exceeds two years. Aqualter only works with suppliers with a proven track record, meaning that the engineered structures can last well beyond the contractual limit.

This also applies to the civil engineering, for controlling the aging of the concrete and the waterproofing problems throughout the lifetime of an engineered structure, which is thirty years on average.

Having the Caisse des Dépôts as majority shareholder, lastly, guarantees the solidity of the company itself.

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