Aqualter carries out its management activities (drinking water distribution service or sanitation operation) through its subsidiary, Aqualter Exploitation, created in July 2016 by the merger of the companies Alteau and Aqualter Exploitation.

Aqualter Exploitation offers regional authorities the possibility of implementing the shared operations model. This breaks away from the traditional public service concession model by offering different components of a contract, featuring in particular:

Transmission of the management tools during the contract

We have in particular our own IT subsidiary, Aqua Consulting, and we publish and market our own water management software programs. These software programs are installed when the contract commences and handed over to the municipal authorities at the end of the concession, so that the municipality can easily take over the management through the public sector if it so wishes.

Genuine transparency of accounts and governance

The municipality is kept permanently advised of how the service is functioning, in particular through the provision of dedicated, secure access to the contract management data. Subscribers can be involved in monitoring the quality of the drinking water. The various players (municipalities, associations, subscriber representatives) are invited to sit on a “Water Council” which is called upon to give its opinions on the functioning of the service.

It is in this same spirit that we manage one of the very first “SemOp”’s for water: this new form of semi-public company brings together Chartres Métropole and Aqualter Exploitation in distributing drinking water to the Chartres urban area.

Rapid modernization of service facilities

We can offer to modernize the municipal infrastructures, in particular:

  • By making the networks “smart”, for example by equipping meters with remote reading systems for use in monitoring consumption remotely and in real time, or by installing sensors on the network to measure the flow rate continuously and analyze certain parameters of the water distribution
  • Through the proximity of our Construction branch’s design offices, providing operators with reliable and permanent technical support, and enabling us to suggest to the municipalities how they might improve their infrastructures.

Financial support for investment

The majority shareholding of the Caisse des Dépôts in our capital guarantees our solidity, and our customers thus benefit from excellent financial engineering. We can make arrangements to incorporate the financing of investments in our public service concession contracts.

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