Quality & Environment

The Aqualter Group culture is founded on respecting quality above all else, so as to propose a genuine alternative to the traditional solutions offered in the water market.

This quality ambition has become more firmly established over the years, with the goal of service excellence in both construction and operations.


  • A quality service for subscribers: intervention times, uninterrupted service (on-call teams, etc.), quality of technical execution (connections, supply of information: bills, remote meter reading).
  • A quality service for local authorities: works maintenance (wastewater treatment plants, drinking water plants and networks), quest for savings (optimization of network output, locating leaks), relationship with the municipality (accounts transparency, frequency of information, shared governance).


  • Building installations of lasting quality, while extending the service life of facilities.
  • Constructing facilities for simple, efficient and cost-saving operation over the long term. In construction, quality is first and foremost an investment in the future.

Environmental policy

Taking the environment into account in our professional activities ensures the quality of our services to our customers. It is from this perspective that the Aqualter Group operational activities form part of an ambitious environmental policy with the following fundamental commitments:

– Controlling our energy consumption;

– Safeguarding our natural resources;

– Preventing the risk of pollution and nuisances thanks to competent, trained personnel;

– Periodically and formally reviewing the environmental management system to check that it is effective, and to correct it as required.

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