The Aqualter Group was formed at the end of 2010, through the Caisse des Dépôts and CITEE bringing about the merger of two companies they owned in the water sector:

  • ALTEAU, a specialist in the operation of public service concessions, founded in 1992. In 2016, Alteau took the name AQUALTER EXPLOITATION.
  • TERNOIS, focused on the construction of civil works, founded in 1970 and renamed AQUALTER CONSTRUCTION in 2013.


Our aim is to offer an alternative to the traditional approaches in the water sector, by developing a medium-sized company:

Experience and Solidity

The long experience of our subsidiaries and the quality of their portfolio of references have put us at the cutting-edge of technology for drinking water and sanitation treatment.

Synergies are encouraged so that the operations branch can feed off the knowledge of the design offices in the construction branch. Conversely, construction benefits from feedback from the operations contracts.

The presence of the Caisse des Dépôts, which holds 52% of our capital, is a very firm guarantee of our ability to meet our commitments over the long term.

Revenue trends

2014 - €42,5 million
2015 - €47,3 million
2016 - €53 million
Forecast 2017 - €55 million

Lasting partnerships and lasting quality

The Aqualter approach is based on a deep-seated respect for its contracts and its customers, with whom it seeks to create a genuine partnership:

  •  Our operating contracts are built upon the values of sharing governance with the municipality, accounts transparency, and associating subscribers with the life cycle of the contract.
  • In construction, quality is at the heart of our productions in terms of process, civil engineering and architecture. The return on investment is calculated systematically, by seeking to minimize the operating costs throughout the life cycle of the structures.

Our values: the “EQIP” charter


to meet our contracts in the long term


of our work


with respect to majors


in relation to our customers

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